Why I’m Writing, part 2

You do have a plan, don’t you?

In fact, you thought you did. Your employer encouraged you to participate in their Individual Retirement Account and they would be kind enough to match what you put in dollar-for-dollar as long as you stayed with them for a period of time. Where did that money go? Into the stock market is the correct answer. Your company transitioned from the security (for you) of pensions a few years back and now you would be forever looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average to see how you could retire.
This was all the investing you did. A cut of every paycheck went into the IRA and you forgot about it. They told you this was the amount you needed. The federal government encouraged you by giving you a tax break and you knew you would be safe because you always put in the maximum allowable pre-tax amount. Most people didn’t, but you, you made enough income. And you were proud.

But every time the stock market takes a dip you wonder how much money your retirement lost. But the stock market always recovers, right? So you never actually take the time to find that password for your IRA’s website and you just forget about it. But, in the quiet times of the night, you think about those really big stock market crashes and you wonder what would happen to your family when you are about to retire and the big one happens.

It’s OK, You Can Just Work

And that is the mindset that we have. You are a Hard-Worker™ and you will just go back to work. Heck, you could even work a fast food job if you needed to do so. But now all that amazing income hurt you. Good luck finding a manager to hire you at a fast food job with that resume; you’ll just move to something better after a month, right? And even if you did find a job like that, your former income would have caused you to increase your expenses so much that even with 15 fast food jobs you could never support your family. Now, your excellent education actually sets you back!

But the Stock Market Always Comes Back
Sure, it has, and probably will, but how much time will you have to wait? And what about the more likely scenario? You purchased so many nice things and the expenses kept rising. You always were able to pay the bills, and when you retired you saw this massive IRA account that you could pull from. It was $760,303! And then you realized, that amount was nice for a person who generated and average income for their working life. But you made so much more, and you would never be able to support the same life-style for the rest of your life on 760 grand. That would barely last you 2 years!
Data from Motley Fool.

Let’s Diversify
Don’t confuse this with what your stock broker calls diversification. The broker wants you to continue to purchase stocks through him, just in different sectors. And don’t get me wrong, this diversification is a good idea. But I’m here to tell you that there is something more. A mystery world of investing that you do in addition to the investing you are doing right now. You can continue being a Hard-Worker™ now, but when you retire, you won’t have to. It’s called Equity. When used properly, it will give you the retirement you actually want but never thought to plan for.

If you continue reading my site, I will be humbled. But I’ll also give you the information you need to do what I did: become financially independent through the use of equity. I’d love it if you signed up to my email list but let’s be honest, you are like me and you are skeptical of signing up for anything. So, let me prove it to you. I believe the information I will give to you freely will change your mindset. It will allow you to retire at the age you want, with the income you want, as long as you get out there and do it. If it changes your mindset, signing up will be all the thanks I will need.

So let’s get started together and we will set the financial course of your life straight.

You will feel so much better when you have a real plan for the future.