Pleasantly Confused

“Janey Walkins is a 73 year old female. She is pleasantly confused…” I read in the chart. OK, I made up the name. Otherwise it’s the truth. Janey is pleasantly confused. What a strange thing to say about someone. It’s kind of a loaded term. It’s a phrase we use in the hospital to describe someone who is confused, i.e. they don’t really know what is going on or have trouble comprehending things. It is different from disoriented, meaning not knowing self, time, or location.

The term implies that there can be something different from just confused. A confused person might not be pleasantly so. They could be angry, violent, screaming. To understand pleasantly confused you can think of your grandma, who asks if it is dinner time yet but it is 8AM, yet she happily offers you a Worther’s and bids you sit and talk for a little while. Pleasantly confused is someone you might enjoy talking to if they weren’t sick in the hospital. We use the term to portray that the confusion isn’t really bothering the person and they are not bothering us. They could go through their life in that state and probably be happy. They don’t know that they are confused. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be pleasant any more.

Are you Pleasantly Confused about your investments? Perhaps you are missing something big but don’t know any better. Many people live their lives and never know they are confused about real estate investments. They never get involved and learn. We are all confused, but we can minimize it by learning. Take the next week and read one book on Real Estate investing.

May I suggest Ken McElroy’s The ABCs of Real Estate Investing? It’s a great start. During this coronavirus pandemic you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Why don’t you spend it de-confusing yourself instead of watching Netflix? Tell me in the comments what you read. Have a great investing week.

Dr. Equity