Update: I’m Doing a Ted Talk

I applied for the TedxUSD talk way back last year and I learned that I was selected to speak on the same day Your Authority Problem was published! Now, it’s time to speak, and I’m ready. I’ve applied many principals of Authority, the first one was in getting up the courage to even apply.

In order to take that first step onto the stage, you have to keep some Authority, so that you don’t have a terrible fear of what the audience thinks of you. On the other side of things, you need to give the audience some Authority to judge you as well. If you have absolutely zero care for what they think, then you have no reason to influence them with your talk, and no reason to take the time to speak. Like most things, it’s a balance.

The talk will be livestreamed at tedxusd.org and I hope you’ll take 15 minutes to watch!