Are You Trapped in the Stock Matrix?

The matrix has you.

It surrounds you everyday. It’s constantly telling you what to invest in or more likely what not to invest in. It instills fear and makes you freeze. It’s always there but you don’t even know it. And the worst part is, for most people, they’re not ready to be unplugged.

Most people live their whole lives thinking their best investment is the house that they live in and their second best investment is their 401k. They become comfortable. Complacent. The money that they see actually coming into their bank account is very quickly used up with loans for boats and 4x4s and credit cards. There’s nothing left over at the end of the month except for whatever is left in the bank account, which carries over to the next month. They look at this leftover as more money with which to buy more things. They spend and spend yet they believe in their core that they are doing the investing necessary for their retirement. And they’re continually fooled into that belief because they’ve grown up with a stock market that has always increased. They’ve been told that it will continue to go up by people who conveniently ignore the times that it has gone down.

That’s worked out great for many people. All, except for those who try to retire during a down period. These are the unfortunate souls who are forced to continue working a job that they hate with their back that’s broken and their best years behind them and what they hoped would be their second best years now filled with work at their second job at the convenience store on the weekends. All because of this lie that they so deeply believed that their stocks would protect them. Meanwhile, the stock market brokers happily took their money to invest and took their exorbitant fees and laughed all the way to Mexico when the stock market went down. These swindlers are so good at their craft that they’ve convinced millions of people to live in a matrix of contentment and ignorance. It’s a matrix that has them living large yet their bank accounts remain small. A matrix of a failed financial future while having the belief of pure financial security. A matrix of loss but the conviction that there will be nothing but gain. This is the matrix that has them. Does it also have you?

I reach out to people I know. Most of them are doing very well now and should have money with which to invest to secure their future. I can tell them all the great things that real estate investment can do for them. I can show them the successful projects that I’ve had in the past. I can explain to them about the good feeling that comes from making successful investment in helping people find reasonable housing. I tell them all these things, not in the hopes that they invest their hard-earned money with me, though that would be nice. Their money is not necessary to make the deal happen. I can do that myself. But I come to them with the sincere hope that can finally unplug them from the matrix and show them the way through the door that leads to financial freedom.

The majority of them are not ready to be unplugged. They hear everything that I’m saying but the wheels don’t turn. They toil everyday at their job so that they can purchase that next new toy. Most likely they’ll sell it in a year. They’re just not ready. But I continue to tell them about every deal. Because I know that one day through reasons I can’t understand, something clicks in them and they are ready to be unplugged. At that point they’re like an unstoppable force looking for financial freedom and I’m there to help them through it. Perhaps you’ve experienced this with your friends. Perhaps you’re the one that still needs to be unplugged. I know now that I can’t do it for you, but if you work with me, I may just be able to show you the door to financial freedom. You have to make the decision to walk through.

Dr. Equity